Steki participates in Logistics Asia 2023, leading the integration of industrial brakes and logistics technology
Release time:2024-01-12

Recently, the Asian logistics exhibition CeMAT ASIA was held in the lively Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a veteran company in the industrial brake industry, Steki was invited to participate in this event to show its innovation in the field of industrial brake and logistics technology to the world.
CeMAT ASIA is an international exhibition for the material handling and logistics technology industry in Asia, which has been successfully held for 20 sessions since 2000. The exhibition brought together top companies, professionals and industry experts from around the world to discuss the future development trends of the logistics industry.
Steki showcased its advanced industrial brake products and technologies at the show, as well as its superior performance in logistics applications. The company's stand attracted the attention of many visitors and professionals, who stopped to communicate and learn more about Steki's products and technical advantages.
At the exhibition, Steki established extensive contacts with customers and partners from all over the world, and deeply discussed cooperation opportunities and market prospects. Through exchanges and cooperation with industry colleagues, Steki will continue to lead the development of the industrial brake industry and promote the progress of logistics technology.
As a leader in the industrial brake clutch industry, Steki is committed to innovation and technological breakthroughs. In the future, Steki will continue to uphold the concept of "quality first, customer first", continuously improve the performance and quality of products, and bring more efficient and reliable industrial brake solutions to global customers, helping the rapid development of the logistics industry.
The participation in the Asia Logistics Exhibition not only shows Steki's strength and advantages in the field of industrial brakes, but also opens up a broader market space for the company's future development. We believe that in the coming days, Steki will continue to lead the development trend of the industrial brake industry and create more value for customers around the world.

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