STEKI electromagnetic components usher in a stage breakthrough in the field of lithography machines
Release time:2019-07-24

Aero engine and lithography machine respectively represent the top level of human science and technology development, can be regarded as the dazzling pearl in the crown of industry. At present, China's aero engine has made great progress, then, China's lithography machine development status? This is known as the new era of "two bombs and one star" level of "artifact" can China catch up with Europe and the United States?

Due to the extreme complexity of lithography machine technology, after years of competition, the current ASML (ASML) company developed from the original Dutch Philips company is a monopoly, occupying most of the market share, and the two Japanese lithography machine companies (Nikon and Canon) have survived and basically withdrawn from the lithography machine market. In the face of the rapid development of the international semiconductor industry, China has been far behind.

As we all know, Huawei's achievements in the chip field are very gratifying, but even if it is able to develop a chip, it cannot be mass-produced without a lithography machine. Under the recent Sino-US trade conflict, how does China's chip industry break through?

After entering the 21st century, China re-carried out the research and development of lithography machines, and set up a special research and development company - Shanghai Microelectronics Equipment Co., LTD. (SMEE). At present, STEKI Shanghai company and Shanghai Microelectronics Company to establish a partnership, engineering innovation team joint research, in one of the key components of the field of electromagnetic components has achieved a number of breakthrough results, and practical application success, will soon enter the mass production stage.

With the success of the research and development of the above key technologies and give China another 5 to 8 years, China's optical technology will stand on the world's leading position, at that time, China's chip industry will usher in a dawn.

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