STEKI appeared at the 21st Expo to help the development of the industrial robot industry
Release time:2019-09-24

From September 17 to 21, STEKI appeared at the 21st China International Industry Fair 2019 (hereinafter referred to as "CIIF"). For the development of domestic industrial robot industry to bring a new path.

It is understood that the Expo to "intelligent, connected - enabling the new development of the industry" a new theme, interpretation of new industrial information. Its 9 professional exhibition areas, more than 2,600 domestic and foreign with the latest manufacturing technology leading enterprises to participate in the exhibition, covering the manufacturing industry from basic materials, key parts to advanced manufacturing equipment, overall solutions of the intelligent green manufacturing industry chain of the latest products and cutting-edge achievements.

STEKI is located in the RS Robotics showroom at 7.1, where robotics has been positioned as an important strategic direction on a global scale. From the perspective of China's market, the industrial robot industry with increasingly mature applications has considerable room for growth. We specialize in the development and manufacture of electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic clutches, products are mainly used in industrial robots, new energy vehicle automation, intelligent information logistics automation. And the main layout of the exhibition site, including new product development, product strength, core technology and other aspects of a comprehensive interpretation. With the evolution of market demand to highly personalized and differentiated, customized production has become a new trend. At this Expo, STEKI brought a number of products for different application areas. Among them, the core parts of the robot servo motor series has attracted much attention. Its characteristics of light, thin, fast and small make industrial robots more agile, and it is no problem to complete some ultra-high difficulty.

STEKI is a national high-tech enterprise, today's products are mainly used in servo motors, industrial robots, new energy electric vehicle automatic doors and other fields, to provide innovative solutions for robot customers. Artificial intelligence is entering more and more application scenarios, which contains huge potential. STEKI is also seizing new development opportunities, taking "quality builds brand, service wins customers" as the core development concept, and combining technology and manufacturing to help the development of intelligent manufacturing in China.

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